SOMER Blink Application

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in working with us at Blink. Please take a few minutes to read the questions, guidelines, and explanations below before applying.

Working for Blink is an interesting combination. We're not a real business or a real company... we just like playing Internet spaceships! But at the same time, we ask that you be serious about wanting to help out and put in time when you can. We try to reward you for your help by paying better than pretty much anything else you can do in Eve!

Before applying, please make sure that you meet these requirements:
Your "Baby's First Blink" achievement was earned on or before March 1, 2014.
You have an empty character slot for an alt (or would be willing to run another account)
You plan on making time to help with Blink each week (but real life comes first, we have no hard activity requirements)
You're okay with providing an API key if requested (we respect confidentiality)


NEW All employees receive one PLEX each month in addition to their regular pay.
Freighters: 1M per jump. 150M bonus for the freighter with the most jumps each week.
Preauth: 90M per hour. 25% bonus pay for preauthing quickly and without errors.
Customer Service: 120M per hour.
What do I need in order to apply?
Freighters and Preauths need at least 1B liquid ISK.
Freighters must have their own freighter or Jump Freighter. We recommend having the full complement of freight ships available so that you can pick the correct ship for each job.
Customer Service reps must have excellent written English. There is also more to keep track of in this role knowledge-wise.
Can I still play Blink?
Our policy is that your player account will be disabled for the duration of your Blink employment.


Apps are currently closed. Thank you for your interest!